13 police officers injured in Marseille, France in protest against COVID-19 health pass

Paris: Thirteen law enforcement officers suffered injuries during a protest against a COVID-19 health pass in the French city of Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhne police said on Saturday (August 28).

“The police prefect has expressed his support for the 13 injured police officers,” Sputnik said, citing the police department’s tweets. He said three people have been arrested. About 160,000 protesters took part in nationwide rallies against the health pass on Saturday.

According to Sputnik, over the past weekend, about 215,000 opponents of the measure took part in marches across France.

In July, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a series of new restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19, including a special health pass indicating that a person has either been vaccinated or has There is a negative test result for COVID-19.

Late last month, passes were already required at museums, theatres, movies and all public events attended by more than 50 people.

Sputnik said that from August 9 it has become mandatory in restaurants, bars, shopping centers, airplanes and long-distance trains.

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By Naveen Bharat Staff


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