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3 people arrested for carrying out piracy across the country: Mumbai Police

“We have recovered jewelery worth Rs 21.60 lakh,” the police said. (Representative)


Mumbai Police has arrested three people who were flying to commit plagiarism (HBT) in different states of the country, an official said on Friday.

Powai police made the arrest after launching an investigation into the HBT, in which 627 grams of gold and foreign currency worth Rs 24.71 lakh was looted on September 18, an official said.

“CCTV footage helped us zero in on Tauseef Qureshi, Pasha Gauss and Mohammad Salim Habib Qureshi aka Munna. We traced Tauseef and Pasha to Hyderabad, and a team was also sent to Karnataka as Munna’s location was known to be Bangalore. After all, it was held from Raichur,” he said.

“We have recovered jewelery worth Rs 21.60 lakh. These three often took flights to reach different states to steal homes. However, after doing HBT, they used to travel by road in disguise,” he said.

Mohammad Salim Qureshi is a criminal in whose name at least 215 cases, including robbing the house of a prominent figure of Rajasthan, have been registered in his name, the official said.

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