50% of rural agricultural households in debt, average loan in 2019 was Rs 74,121: NSO

New Delhi: According to the latest dataset of the National Statistical Survey (NSS), almost half of rural agricultural households for rural India are indebted across India with the average outstanding loan amount far above the below poverty line income for rural India. on Friday.

In the 77th round of the survey conducted by the National Statistical Office (NSO) from January 1, 2019, the percentage of indebted agricultural households stood at 50.2 per cent, while the average amount of loan outstanding per agricultural household was (Rs) 74,121. Shown 31 December 2019.

The theme of the survey was “Assessment of the status of households’ land and livestock holdings and agricultural households” with an integrated schedule of investigations in rural areas of India.

Prior to the 77th round, the Land and Livestock Holding Survey (LHS) and Situation Assessment Survey (SAS) of agricultural households were conducted as separate surveys in different sets of households.

To calculate the indebtedness of agricultural households, information on the outstanding loan amount as on the date of the survey (ie, the day the data was collected from the household) was collected from each of the surveyed agricultural households.

The NSS also ascertained the average monthly income per agricultural household, for which it reported receipts and expenditure related to crop production, animal farming and non-farm business separately for the two parts of the agricultural year July 2018 – June 2019. collected. .

Income from wage/salary employment and leasing of land for the same period were also recorded.

Based on this information, the average monthly income per agricultural household for the agricultural year July 2018-June 2019 is calculated by adding the income from wages/salary, land leasing, net receipt from crop production, livestock farming. Went. and non-agricultural businesses.

“The net receipt is calculated by deducting the total expenditure from the total receipts for each source of income,” the survey findings said.

The average monthly income for income from wages for the paid expenditure approach was Rs 4,063 and remained the same for expenses paid and incurred. Similarly, the average income from leasing of land for both the calculations was Rs.134.

However, for the net realization from crop production, in terms of expenses paid, it came down to Rs 3,798 which came down to Rs 3,058, if the charged expenses are also considered.

This gap narrowed further for net receipts from animal farming, where the average monthly income in terms of expenses paid was Rs 1,582 and only Rs 441 when additional expenses were considered.

The survey findings stated that the net receipts from non-agricultural business stood at Rs 641 when the expenses approach paid and when combined with attributable expenses.

The information was collected in two visits from the same set of sample households in rural areas with a view to collect relevant information separately for the two halves of the agricultural year July 2018–June 2019.

An agricultural household for the 77th round of the NSS survey was defined as a household receiving more than Rs 4,000 as the value of produce from agricultural activities, and at least one member in agriculture, either major in self-employment position or was in an auxiliary position. last 365 days.

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By Naveen Bharat Staff



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