8 Large Asteroids Bigger Than Pyramid Head To Earth in October-November

Earth is in for several major asteroid flybys in the coming months, with at least 8 massive asteroids sprinting toward our planet.

All of these are estimated to be over 140 meters in size, beyond which asteroids are classified as potentially hazardous objects (PHOs). The largest one is estimated to be 380 meters long.

Larger in size than the 130-metre Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, 3 of these asteroids will pass over Earth in the next few weeks of October 2021, while 5 will be at their closest in November, according to NASA’s Asteroid Tracker.

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The size of these asteroids is estimated to be larger than the 130 m Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Here’s a brief overview of the asteroids coming our way in October and November 2021:

October 15 – 2021 SM3: With a maximum estimated size of 72 meters to 160 meters, the asteroid is unlikely to hit Earth, but is nonetheless a near-Earth object (NEO) and will pass a distance of 4.8 million kilometres.

Oct 20 – 1996 VB3: Just 5 days after the first asteroid, a more massive one estimated between 100 meters and 230 meters will fly by an even closer distance of 3.2 million kilometers from Earth on 20 October. However, no effect is predicted.

October 25 – 2017 sj 20: An asteroid of size 90 meters to 200 meters will pass the Earth at a distance of about 7.1 million kilometers from Earth in the next 5 days.

Nov 2 – 2017 TS3: With a mass between 98 m and 220 m, it is predicted to pass a distance of 5.3 million kilometres.

November 13 – 2004 UE: Very large in size from 170 meters to 380 meters, the asteroid will have a distance of 4.2 million kilometers when it passes Earth.

November 20 – 2016 JG12: Expected to fly by about 5.5 million kilometers away, the asteroid is estimated to be about 190 meters in diameter.

Nov 21 – 1982 HR: The very next day, a massive 300-metre-long asteroid, also known as 3361 Orpheus, will be at a distance of 5.7 million kilometers from us.

November 29 – 1994 WR12: The asteroid, between 92 meters and 210 meters in size, is expected to move to a safe distance of about 6.1 million kilometres.

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