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Afghan woman gives birth in the air on evacuation flight to UK

Turkish media say an evacuation flight from Afghanistan has landed in the UK with an extra passenger – the cabin crew delivered a baby girl in the air.

When the traditional cry “Is there a doctor in flight?” On Saturday, Turkish Airlines employees helped 26-year-old Afghan Soman Nuri give birth at an altitude of 30,000 feet, the Demiroren news agency said.

Soman and her husband were flown from Kabul to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where they caught a flight to Birmingham. Shortly after the plane took off on Friday night, Soman started labor pains and crew members came forward to give birth to the couple’s third child.

26-year-old Afghan mother Soman Noori holds her baby girl Eve in her arms. (AP)

The flight landed in Kuwait as a precaution and the mother and child were deemed healthy enough to be taken to the UK.

The baby girl was named Eve, which translates to Eve in English.

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