Air India’s return to Tata after 68 years: 5 big points

Air India’s total debt is over Rs 60,000 crore (File)

Tata Sons has been selected as the winning bidder to acquire Air India, the government said today, marking the end of a years-long struggle to privatize the financially troubled airline.

Here’s your 10-point cheatsheet for this big story:

  1. Tata Sons will acquire Air India, 50 per cent of Air India-SATS and Air India Express.

  2. The government will get Rs 2700 crore in cash from the sale of Air India. The rest is government debt, which will be handled by Air India.

  3. Air India’s total debt is more than Rs 60,000 crore.

  4. The transaction does not include non-core assets including land and building, valued at Rs 14,718 crore, to be transferred to AIAHL, the government’s holding company.

  5. Air India was first started in 1932 as Tata Air Services. The airline returned to Tata after 68 years.

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