Amazon Great Indian Festival: Top 10 Mixer Grinders to Make Blending Easier

Basic kitchen tools are a necessity in every kitchen and everything from getting the best to making sure they are durable is a must. Mixer grinder is another tool that we all need and when it comes to choosing the right one, we might face some trouble with it. We all need a mixer grinder that is multi-purpose and makes blending, mixing, grinding and more efficient. A smart kitchen requires smart appliances and with the latest technology and advanced features, it is no longer a task. With the Amazon Great Indian Festival, we have the best deals from top brands on the best mixer grinders. With so many options, choosing the right one can be overwhelming and hence to help you out, we have compiled a list of top 10 mixer grinders that are a perfect fit for every kitchen. From sleek designs and light weight to advanced automatic features, we’ve got the best picks for you. Read on to know more.

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Havells Rs. 2,199 Amazon

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Boss Rs. 2,699 Amazon

Croption Rs. 2,982 Amazon

Prestige Rs. 2,749 Amazon

Philips Rs. 3,950 Amazon

cello Rupees 1,959 heroine

Preeti Rs. 2,999 Amazon

We have select mixer grinders for you

Ditch your old grinder and add these trendy, stylish and advanced mixer grinders to your kitchen.

Make mixing easy with this super chic and amazing mixer grinder. This blender offers an all-in-one solution and performs four functions – a mixer, grinder, juicer and chopper. It comes with five jars and three blades. It is very easy to operate and clean and has detachable and easily washable parts. When you have this amazing but multi-purpose blender in your kitchen, grinding and mixing is no longer a task. It comes with a compact design and consumes less space, making it a perfect buy for your kitchen.

(2,200 ratings and 6,927 reviews)

This mixer grinder is a 500W mixer and is made of stainless steel and ABS plastic body with 3 jar attachments and rubber feet for extra grip. Blending can be quite a cumbersome process at times but with this blender, it will become very easy and hassle free. It comes with a high performance motor, with motor overload protector and an aesthetically beautiful design to suit your kitchen aesthetics, making it look stylish. This mixer will not only serve the functional purpose but will also add a stylish factor.

(1,467 ratings and 5,447 reviews)

This amazing mixer from Havells comes with 3 jars, 3 speed controls, 500W motor with pulse function and built-in overload protector. It is made of stainless steel and comes with a 304 grade stainless steel blade for best grinding results, which makes it worth buying. It comes with built in overload protector for auto shut off for motor protection and also has a flow beaker in the jar for better grinding/liquidizing. It comes with a manual to guide you on how to use it, making the task a lot easier.

(570 ratings and 2,531 reviews)

This amazing mixer comes with 2 bullet-shaped jars that have specialized blades for dry and wet grinding, blending and more. It comes with good quality surgical stainless-steel blades that are capable of grinding everything and staying sharp even when working at high speed. The tall jar (500ml) comes with a 4-wing blade for mixing and blending and the shorter jar (300ml) comes with a 2-wing flat blade for grinding to make all kinds of shakes, smoothies and more . This multipurpose blender with its advanced technology and amazing features will make your blending job much easier.

(7,055 ratings and 17K+ reviews)

Featuring an elegant red and black design, this blender comes with a powerful 550-watt motor, quick push-start function and LED power indicator. It will not only serve the functional purpose but will also make a stylish pick for your kitchen. It comes with quick push-start and functions on 230V AC/50Hz with LED power indicator. It also comes with two interchangeable, leak-proof and unbreakable jars with lids and caps. The sharp stainless-steel blades for blending and grinding ensure quality results in no time, making the task much easier for you. It has an over temperature protector, anti-skid base for super grip and is extremely easy to operate and clean without any hassle.

(11 ratings and 38 reviews)

With an attractive exterior body in black and blue, this mixer is perfect for adding a touch of style to your kitchen. This is a 750W mixer with Maxi Grind technology with protection against overloading and motor ventilation for increased airflow. It comes with advanced motor ventilation and a multifunction blade system. It also gets a 100% copper heavy duty motor, chrome plated knob and firm cushion pads. Endless features make it a perfect choice for your kitchen. It has ergonomic handle design for firm grip, leak-proof lids and flow breaker jar for hassle-free use.

(873 ratings and 3,491 reviews)

Featuring Stunning Black and Silver This mixer has a 750W motor and includes 3 jars in sleek silver and black with 4 efficient blades for grinding. It comes with 1.5 liter wet jar with blade, 1 liter dry jar with blade and 300ml chutney jar with blade and 1 transparent juicer jar with blade. The beautiful design is eye-catching enough to add a stylish aspect to your kitchen. This makes it a perfect fit for all kitchens and the advanced features make it worth buying.

(580 ratings and 3,245 reviews)

Featuring a beautiful mauve and white color, this mixer juicer has a 600W motor with 3 jars with no drip spouts. It can also be used for dry and wet grinding. The 600W turbo motor comes with a lock motor-wattage of up to 1600W and an operating voltage of 230 volts up to 20000 RPM. It also comes with 3+1 pulse speed settings, which makes it extremely easy for you to use and perform the task. It’s super easy to use as you can just twist and lift to unlock. Now make your kitchen tasks easier with this amazing blender from Philips, which is perfect for your kitchen.

(167 ratings and 871 reviews)

This mixer from Cello has 500W motor with jar for wet and dry grinding. It comes with a sturdy stainless-steel body. The exterior of the mixer has a brilliant blue and white colour, which makes it stylish and attractive. It comes with impact resistant SS blades for optimum grinding efficiency and has quality stainless steel jars for finer grinding, making the task easy and simple. It also has quality nylon couplers for hassle free operation. It comes with mixer, liquid jar with lid, dry jar with lid and chutney jar with lid.

(496 ratings and 1,047 reviews)

Featuring a stunning exterior body in red and black, this mixer grinder comes with three jars and features 3D air cooling technology for faster cooling and longer motor life. It helps in improving the solubility of nutrients by up to 40% and gives excellent and quality results after blending. It also has a 750W motor for heavy grinding and razor-sharp blade technology to enable super fine grinding. The swish style design adds a stylish touch to it, making it a great pick for your kitchen.

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