Amazon Prime’s Rs 129 monthly subscription returned: Here’s how to take advantage of it

New Delhi: Amazon has restored its one-month Prime membership. Amazon Prime monthly subscription was discontinued earlier this year when the Reserve Bank of India issued new guidelines for the adoption of an Additional Factor of Authentication (AFA) for recurring online payments. Till now, Amazon used to offer only three months and annual Prime membership. Amazon Prime monthly subscription is Rs 129. However, it comes with certain restrictions and cannot be purchased entirely through electronic means.

Till now only three months and annual plans were being offered by Amazon. Amazon Prime’s Rs 129 monthly plan cannot be purchased through all electronic means.

The e-commerce giant has now announced three subscription options for Prime membership: Rs 999 annual plan, Rs 329 three-month plan and Rs 129 monthly plan. While all electronic payment methods are accepted for yearly and yearly. For the Rs 129 plan, the three-month plan, credit card and selected debit cards are the only options.

The Rs 129 monthly Prime subscription can be purchased through banks that have complied with RBI’s e-mandate requirements as per Amazon’s Terms and Conditions page. Banks that have not adhered to RBI’s norms may be unable to process any automated payment request. Amazon has suspended new member sign-ups for the free trial of Amazon Prime until further notice due to these limitations. (Also read: Airtel Offer: Get Rs 6000 cashback on buying a phone)

Banks have been asked to deploy one-time AFA for recurring payments up to Rs 5,000 under the new RBI guidelines. The new guidelines, which came into effect on October 1, were first introduced in 2019 (Also read: Buying a smartphone for elderly parents? Here’s how to make it user friendly)

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