Are Squid Game and House of Secrets really two different shows?

Fine, Squid Game and House of Secrets: Burari Deaths Are Two Different Shows, But Are They Really?

House of Secrets is a strange, shocking truth that lives within us, between us, around us, all the time. We have seen happy people go to astrologers, babas and even tantriks. Can we accurately predict when they might take a completely wrong turn? Or, start behaving in life-threatening ways?

The same is true of the squid game. It plays on our fears, our dark sides and our desire to break out of bondage and have fun at any cost!

A lot of good Korean dramas and movies are very dark in nature and most of the time they are borderline viewfinders and attract the dark subconscious. Over the past two decades, he has caught up with the world, and not surprisingly, he has built up a fan base. Why has this happened? Because our roots take us back to a time when the paranormal and light-dark rituals were no longer viewed from the perspective of science. They were there, widely accepted and practiced.

Haven’t we heard of goat and even human sacrifice to prevent a bridge from being washed away in a flood? Or to build a temple at the place of frequent road accidents.

Squid Game and House of Secrets both have a similar narrative that takes place just under public glare yet utter solitude. The idea is to present these unnatural acts as something that may not be acceptable in a civilized society, yet everyone participates in it knowingly or unknowingly.

It is about suffering in silence and believing that death can end all pain. They never think about the people they leave behind.

However, a major difference is that while squid game The scene is all about violence, House of Secrets keeps it a secret, but aren’t they both causing pain to the people they know, love and adore?

The idea of ​​moving to our primitive set-up is something that drives both shows. It is no longer magical realism, but the idea of ​​living, the rawness of the process of being alive.

So, think again, Squid Game and House of Secrets could be the same story!

By Naveen Bharat Staff


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