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Asked to drive slow near marriage, more than 5 men ran away, 2 killed: Haryana Police

Haryana: A case of murder has been registered against the accused and his father, the police said.


Two people, including a woman, were killed after a man rammed his car into five people at a wedding ceremony in Haryana’s Karnal district on Sunday, police said, adding that the accused was asked to drive responsibly as the neighborhood I had a function.

The incident is from Nilokhedi area of ​​Karnal. The woman died on the spot, while another victim later succumbed to her injuries in the hospital.

The relatives of the deceased woman told that the accused used to drive very fast in the neighborhood and he was asked to drive responsibly that day as the event was attended by guests and children. Angered by this, the man ran over the five people present there.

The victim’s nephew Vijay Kumar said, “We asked her to drive cautiously today, but her father, who was there, said he would drive as he wanted.

Neighborhood resident Rinu, who identified the accused as Ajay of the same colony, also leveled the charge of rash-driving against him, adding that the incident took place when the victims were standing outside their house in the morning.

A case of murder has been registered against the main accused and his father, police said.

A police officer said, “Two people died in the incident. The superintendent of police has formed five teams to nab the accused.”

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