Attacks on civilians in J&K aimed at dividing communities: Omar Abdullah


Srinagar: National Conference (NC) Vice President Omar Abdullah said that the recent attacks on civilians in Jammu and Kashmir were aimed at creating a rift between the communities and it is the responsibility of the majority community to give a sense of security to our brothers. Friday.

He made a solemn appeal to the members of minority communities in Kashmir not to allow a repeat of what happened in the 1990s leaving their homes.

Speaking to reporters after visiting the residence of school principal Supinder Kaur, who was killed in Aloochi Bagh here, Abdullah also criticized the administration for failing to capture the attacks.

“The attacks are continuing and no one here feels safe today. Muslims here have been targeted, Kashmiri Pandits and Sikh brothers too. They don’t feel safe,” he said.

Abdullah said, “This is not the time for politics, and I have not come here for politics, but it is the responsibility of the rulers to explain to the people where the failure lies.”

The former chief minister of the then Jammu and Kashmir state said that even though he was not part of the government, he had been “hearing since last month or so because minority communities would be targeted here”.

“I heard it from very responsible people. When this information reached me, didn’t it reach the responsible persons in the administration? Why didn’t they do anything about it?” “There is an atmosphere of fear, everyone is thinking of leaving here. It is our responsibility, especially of the majority community, to try to give a sense of security to our brothers and neighbors so that we do not see the 1990-like situation again,” he said. said.

Asked whether the attacks were carried out to disturb communal harmony in Jammu and Kashmir, Abdullah said such an agenda has always been the terrorists.

This has been his agenda from the beginning. Yesterday also they separated these two teachers and then killed them. Its purpose is to disturb the traditional communal harmony here and worsen the situation.

“That’s why I said it is the responsibility of the majority community. When we seek the security of Muslims and Sikhs in other parts from our Hindu brethren, even in Kashmir where Muslims are the majority, it is our responsibility to provide them with a sense of security, “They said.

Urging minority communities not to leave the Kashmir Valley, Abdullah said it was easy to pass judgment in their situation, but it would be highly unfair as I can only imagine the sense of fear under which they would be living.

“I can only make a sincere appeal to all of them. The purpose of these attacks is to create a rift between the communities and try to drive these communities out of Kashmir. We cannot allow these attacks to succeed, and Therefore, I am strongly appealing to all of them not to consider leaving here.”

The NC leader said his party will continue to pressurize the administration to ensure that all these people feel safe and are given security.

“But after these attacks there should be no pick and choice approach like the government’s decision to give 10 days leave to Kashmiri Pandit employees but not to Kashmiri Sikhs. In this attack, if a Pandit as well as a Sikh There was also an attack. Why leave only for Pandits? Why not for them,” he said.

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