Attacks on Kashmir try to isolate majority community in UT, says PC President Sajjad Lone


SRINAGAR: People’s Conference president Sajjad Gani Lone on Saturday said the attacks on Kashmir were a deliberate attempt to alienate the majority community in the union territory and identified it with vandalism that involved a “crazy fringe”.

Lone, who condemned the attack on minorities, said the Jammu and Kashmir administration does not have the luxury of resorting to random reaction.

“There is an attempt to violently target the minority community. A deliberate attempt is being made to isolate the majority community from others and identify it with the vandalism that a crazy fringe indulges in.

“It is important to differentiate between the majority community and the fringe, which includes some individuals who are a curse to this land and the people who live in this land.”

“They have not even spared and killed the majority community and continue to target all those who do not conform to their world view,” Lone said.

Lone stressed on the need to remain firm and united and protect the people in this hour of grief.

“Our collective heritage and our collective history of our struggles, our sufferings demand that we understand that this land is ours and that we do not simultaneously allow trespassers and trespassers to intimidate us.

“A helpless citizen cannot do anything against the decree of violence and the majority community is as much victimized and scared as the minority community.

“I am under no illusions – guns targeting the minority community today will target the majority community tomorrow.

“They’ve done it over the last three decades, they’ve done it a few days ago and they’ll do it again,” he said.

Lone said that if there is a resolve to call a spade a spade, then the madness of those who commit violence will not make any difference.

“I am a Kashmiri Muslim and I have lost my beloved father to bullets and there are thousands like me. We are all in this together. We are united by the pain of losing our loved ones to bullets. Those who indulge in terror, Those who believe in violence have no religion, no faith and no nationality.”

Lone emphasized that while the people of Jammu and Kashmir cannot afford to give a scattered, disjointed response, it is equally important for the state administration to understand that it has the luxury of resorting to random feedback. Not there.

“It would be walking in a trap laid by killers. What we need is a specific targeting of those involved in acts of terror. Filtering three decades of records and calling out old OGWs who have rejoined society, more than profit Bulk summons can do damage is just as harmful and counter-productive,” he said.

He stressed that the Union Territory Administration needs to understand that it is working in an environment which was not as challenging as it is today or may be in future and they need to be prepared to face these challenges. needed.

“Our learning curve is blood-soaked and has been drawn in the company of a lot of pain and bloodshed over the past three decades. Not to mention these curves would be a waste of that sacrifice.

“We have to mention these learning curves and I can tell you with authority that our learning curves will never recommend random feedback,” he said.

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