Bank Holiday October 2021: Banks will be closed for 12 days from tomorrow, know important dates

New Delhi: Before you visit your bank branch in the month of October, you should note down the list of important days during which banks will remain closed as branches are going to be closed at many places due to Navratri and other regional festivals.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has mentioned a few days when banking operations will be closed in the month of October 2021, however online banking activities will continue to function.

Banks will remain closed for a total of 12 days from tomorrow. The Reserve Bank of India classifies its holidays under three brackets – Holidays under the Negotiable Instruments Act; Holidays under the Negotiable Instruments Act and Real Time Gross Settlement Holidays; and closing bank accounts.

However, it should be noted that bank holidays vary from state to state and at the same time are not observed by all banking companies. Banking holidays also depend on the festivals celebrated in specific states or the notification of specific occasions in those states.

Here is a detailed list of Bank Holidays for upcoming days in October 2021. See the list.

12 October – Durga Puja (Maha Saptami) / (West Bengal, Tripura)

13 October – Durga Puja (Maha Ashtami) / (West Bengal, Sikkim, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Manipur, Tripura, Assam)

14 October – Durga Puja / Dussehra (Maha Navami) / Ayut Puja (West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, Tamil Nadu, Sikkim, Puducherry, Odisha, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Kerala, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam)

15 October – Durga Puja/Dussehra/Dussehra (Vijay Dashami)/(National except Manipur, Himachal Pradesh)

16 October – Durga Puja (Dasain) / (Sikkim)

17 October – Sunday

18 October – Kati Bihu (Assam)

19 October – Eid-e-Milad/Eid-e-Mildunnabi/Milad-e-Sharif (Birthday of Prophet Mohammed)/Barawafat (Nation except Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Jammu, Kashmir, North ) Pradesh, Kerala, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand)

20 October – Maharishi Valmiki Birthday/Lakshmi Puja/Eid-e-Milad (Tripura, Punjab, West Bengal, Karnataka, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh)

22 October – Friday after Eid-e-Milad-ul-Nabi (Jammu and Kashmir)

23 October – fourth saturday

October 24 – Sunday

The holidays on the mentioned days will be observed in different regions as per the holidays declared by the state, however, for gazetted holidays, banks will remain closed across the country.

If you keep track of these holidays, you will be able to plan bank transaction activities in a better way. You can also plan your holidays well for long weekends.

By Naveen Bharat Staff



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