Beware! If you do this, WhatsApp can suspend or delete your account without any notice – Know here

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in this day and age. People use the app not only to communicate with their friends and family but also to run their business and coordinate work. But, did you know that WhatsApp can suspend or delete your account – permanently or temporarily – if you do something that violates their policies?

Notably, WhatsApp banned 20.7 lakh accounts in India in August, so avoid doing these things if you want to continue enjoying WhatsApp’s services.

. using the unofficial version of WhatsApp like whatsapp plus

If you use ‘WhatsApp Plus’ then WhatsApp may suspend your account. For those who are unaware, WhatsApp Plus is an official version of the app that allows users additional features like hide status, send photos without limits, create groups beyond WhatsApp limits.

Your account can also be blocked by WhatsApp If you send too many forward messages to recipients.

WhatsApp can also suspend your account if too many people have blocked you from their list within a certain period of time.

How can you unblock your WhatsApp account if you get temporarily suspended?

WhatsApp will unblock your blocked account after some time if temporarily suspended. It is important to remember that if you have an unofficial WhatsApp account then you should delete it immediately to avoid permanent suspension.

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