Bigg Boss 15 Day 2 Written Update: Afsana Khan loses her cool on Vidhi Pandya!

New Delhi: This only. is the second day of bigg boss 15 And the tension between the housemates is already very high. It seems that Misha Iyer and Prateek Sahajpal’s past history is affecting their relationship in the house and the family members seem to be supporting Misha in this matter.

At the beginning of the episode, Vishal Kotian reveals that he had a crush on Vishwasundari – the talking tree in the Bigg Boss forest. Later, Biggie comes to the house and hands over a scroll with a cryptic message to the contestant.

Before the householders gather to hear the message in the scroll, Vishal sees Misha crying and consoles her. She explains to him that she was crying because of Prateek’s bad behavior.

She explained that while she was cooking, Prateek asked Nishant and Tejashwi to take care of the cooking completely disregarding Misha’s efforts. It hurt him and he felt bad about it.

Later, it is revealed that Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat and Prateek Sahajpal get separate rations from Bigg Boss along with many more things that other housewives crave for their resources.

During the day, Jai Bhanushali jokes with Shamita Shetty and teases Rakeysh Bapat. Everyone including Shamita has a good laugh.

Things go awry in the house when Misha asks to use the washroom in the house. However, Prateek tells him that he is not allowed to use it which bothers him. She turns up in a room with cameras but hides in the corner.

While talking to her Prateek comes towards her and she asks him to go back as she was changing.

This conversation turns into a fight and the housemates assume that Prateek saw her change. Prateek and Misha later clarified that it was not their intention to do so.

Prateek also has a fight with Vishal Kotian and Jai Bhanushali as he asks them to shift their belongings to maintain cleanliness in the house. Surprisingly, this doesn’t sit very well with the pair.

In the end, Afsana has a shouting match with Vidhi Pandya after Vidhi Pandya asks her to shut up. Afsana gets agitated and starts charging towards Vidhi. Vishal Kotian asks Afsana to calm down and forget the matter.

Looks like things are going pretty fast in the house. What do you think the next episode will be?

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