Bigg Boss 15 Written Update: No captain for this week as captaincy work remains a draw!

New Delhi: The latest episode of Bigg Boss 15 was full of drama and aggression.

Where the day started with Team B being a part of the Captaincy task and standing in the box while Team A had to try their best to make their life miserable.

Team A including Akasa, Umar, Afsana tried to remove Team B including Rajeev, Tejashwi, Prateek and Nishant from their positions.

Later, they also played mind games with their fellow contestants and asked them to return the favors that they had done for each other earlier.

In the end, Rajeev and Ishaan have a dispute over a ‘mystery’. Rajiv goes after Ishaan to make sure that he does not reveal this secret to anyone else in the house.

However, their feud has now turned into a big fight as Misha and the other housemates get involved. As the battle progresses, this intriguing mystery comes out in the open, overwhelming Misha!

In Misha’s presence, Rajeev declares that his friendship with Ishaan is ‘deeper’ than everyone thought. Ishaan retorted in protest saying that he has been portrayed in a wrong way and is a straight man.

Tension builds up in an instant and the two start yelling at each other. While the rest of his family members try to separate him, Rajiv tells everyone, “What wrong am I saying?” Misha has tears in her eyes. Their fight raises a question in everyone’s mind- what is the truth behind their friendship?

On the other hand Vishal, Karan, Jai and Tejashwi start pulling Rajiv’s leg. They demand to know the secret behind her fancy tights! Rajeev tries to run away from them, but they follow him across the house to get his answer.

Many more funny moments await you in this ‘Bigg Boss’ episode! So to get more updates, stay tuned to this space for all the freshly brewed content.

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