Bigg Boss OTT Day 10 Written Update: Prateek Sahajpal Calls Rakeysh Bapat ‘Spineless’, Later Apologizes

New Delhi: Big Boss OTT Ghar is a place that is full of drama, emotion and lots of spices. On the 10th day, Zeeshan Khan was seen explaining to Neha Bhasin and Divya Agarwal that the house is now divided into two groups. There is more unity in the second group and hence they need to put aside their displeasure for the game and start working as a team from now on.  

Divya disagrees with Zeeshan’s idea, saying that he will not be a part of any group and also refuses to mend his talk with Shamita Shetty. 

During a conversation on household duties, Prateek gets angry and starts calling Rakesh Bapat a spineless person, after listening several times, he bursts into tears and says that I feel bad for my father. Looks like what I had to see in this situation. Later, Prateek realizes his mistake and apologizes to him for his tone and tries to rectify things.  


He also explains things to Ridhima Pandit and settles everything with her too.  

Meanwhile, Rakesh tries to calm things down between Divya and Shamita, but when the trio starts discussing their problems with each other, things turn bad and Divya leaves and starts crying. It seems  

Later, Shamita tries to console him but Divya leaves everyone and runs away from them saying that she does not want to make a scene. Later, Nishant Bhat is seen consoled at the end of the episode and it seems that she is still not finished with what Karan Johar said to her in Sunday Ka Vaar.  


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