Bigg Boss OTT Day 37 Written Update: Shamita Shetty Responds to Reporter’s Question on Divya Aggarwal Being Insecure!

New Delhi: Bigg Boss OTT which has entered its final phase is grabbing everyone’s attention after the media interaction session.

Yes, in today’s episode we saw the media going in. Big Boss House And some are asking for ‘Tekhe Saval’ from the family members.

From Shamita Shetty to Divya Agarwal, the media took everyone’s class and showed them their true colours.

From the issue of cleanliness to cursing Divya for being her own boss, the media spared no one.

While the house turned into a battlefield, everyone pointed fingers at each other, it was Shamita who was claimed to be insecure from Divya in terms of her affair with Rakesh Bapat.

Defending herself, Shamita says that she is not insecure for him, but she feels a little bad when she sees that his relationship (Rakesh) is more with Divya and not so with her.

Later the media also shared why Divya shared Neha’s undergarments topic with the male members of the house even though she had a problem when earlier she herself reacted when someone did the same to evicted contestant Moose Jattana.

Divya clarified her stand saying that it was not about a man or a woman but about personal hygiene.

Nishant Bhat was called a friend of convenience because he got mad at Prateek Sahajpal when he didn’t save him in the nominations, but was annoyed by his decision to agree with Neha Bhasin and save Shamita in round one.

The day was full of fights and a lot of drama, everyone trying to convince each other with their point of view or trying to justify the statements which were put out by the media in front of everyone.

At the end of the episode, Bigg Boss announces that his ‘Janata Report Card’ is finished and good and hence his things will not be affected the next day,

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