After CBI notice in coal case, passport dispute bothers Abhishek Banerjee’s wife

A day after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrived, Abhishek Banerjee knocked on the doors to call his wife, Rujira Narola. Coal smuggling caseThe latter responded, asking them to visit her residence on Tuesday. Abhishek, often mocked by the BJP as a “bhaipo” (nephew) for his West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s ties, is a Trinamool Congress MP and spearheading his party’s counter-offensive against the saffron camp Huh.

No wonder, Trinamool leaders are crying. However, this is not the first time Rujira has found herself in a soup. Bangkok-born Rujira got a Thai passport. However, in several official documents, she has reportedly mentioned her nationality as Indian.

The dispute began a few years ago when customs officials wanted to investigate his belongings, citing the detection of “significant amounts of gold”. In April 2019, the Calcutta High Court granted relief to Rujira from the notice of customs and observed that she is a Thai citizen holding an Indian Citizen (OCI) card. The case is still sub judicial.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued a permanent account number (PAN) card to Rujira without issuing a notice stating that she is a citizen of Thailand. The notice further states that there are discrepancies in her father’s name.

“Whereas, National President of Thal, Ms. Rujira Narola was issued PIO card number ******** by the Indian Embassy in Bangkok on January 8, 2010, mentioning Nippon Narola as the father in the card,” “The notice states.

“Whereas, Ms. Rujira Narola had applied to the office of FRRO, Kolkata to convert her PIO card to OCI card and issued the OC card number ******** on November 8, 2017. One of the supporting documents. A certificate of marriage was presented by Mr. Rujira Narola to Shri for converting his PIO card into an OCI card. Abhishek Banerjee which was released by the Hindu Marriage Registrar. Bhawanipur, Kolkata, West Bengal. On 3 February 2013, Ms. Rujira Narola mentioned Mr. Gursharan Singh Ahuja of R / O, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi as her father in this certificate of marriage, “Notice added.

“Whereas, the Central Government has further been informed that on 14.11.2009, Ms. Rujira Narola filled Form 49A for the PAN Card without informing her actual status as Thal National Holding OCI Card and Mr. Banscharan Singh Ahuja was referred to her father As mentioned. He was actually required to fill up Form 49AA to obtain PAN by declaring himself as a foreigner holding an OCI card. Based on the information given in his application form 49A, he has obtained an Indian citizen. Has obtained PAN Card No. No. ********** under the name Ms. Rujira Narola in the capacity of.

Months after Mamta took over as chief minister, Rujira married Abhishek on February 24, 2012. Abhishek (33) is the son of Mamta’s elder brother Amit and is extremely close to the Trinamool supremo. Her mother Lata is practically the shadow of CM and is mostly seen at her residence.

After completing his higher secondary, Abhishek went to Delhi to study business management at IIPM. He lived in Mamta’s apartment near Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. His local patron, Ratan Mukherjee, was Mamata’s Man Friday in the capital.

Rujira and Abhishek were classmates at IIPM, and it was only a matter of time before Prem blossomed. An academic tour in Switzerland in the first year brought him even closer. Rujira, a Sikh, lived in Rajouri Garden. Her father Gursharan had a cellphone shop in Ghaffar Market, which was quite popular.

Gursharan and his brother are very close to each other and are married to two sisters. Later, they shifted to Bangkok and started working in real estate. Sources in the family said that she already had a relationship with Bangkok as well as Rujira was born and she later came to Delhi. The BJP has time and again blamed its citizenship.

Rujira has a sister, Maneka Gambhir, who lives in her own apartment in an upcoming area near Ruby Hospital in South Kolkata. Maneka has also been summoned by the CBI in the coal smuggling case.

The Trinamool has decided to go on the offensive. To keep him on the back foot before the high-voltage elections in Bengal, the BJP said that he would not survive the “pressures” of the BJP. Even Mamata while addressing a meeting in Kolkata on 21 February said that her party would not be intimidated by the jail. Their statement came just hours after the CBI’s notice to Rujira and Maneka in the coal smuggling case.

Rujira and Abhishek were married in a gala ceremony in Delhi. Although Mamata could not attend the wedding due to prior commitments, several top Trinamool leaders attended the ceremony. Rujira’s parents also bought an apartment on Rashbihari Avenue so that they could visit their daughter more often. Abhishek has also gone to Bangkok with his family. The couple has a daughter named Azania and a son named Ayan.

(The writer is a senior journalist from outside Kolkata)

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