“His Value Shaped Wipro”: Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji Remembers His Grandmother

Her Value Shaped Wipro ': Rishad Premji, Chairman of Wipro, remembers his grandmother

Rishad Premji is survived by his grandmother, Dr. Gulbanu shared a picture of Premji.

Wipro president Rishad Premji remembered his grandmother as the “most generous person” he knew in a Twitter post shared this morning. Dr. Gulbonu Premji was the chairman of Wipro – a company founded by her husband MH Premji – from 1966 to 1983. It was his generosity and his values ​​that shaped Wipro’s philanthropic ideals, his grandson noted in his Twitter post.

Dr. Azim Premji, son of Gulbanu Premji Tops the list of philanthropists In India in 2020, last year, donations of around Rs 22 crore every day. In the past, Mr. Premji has said that his mother was influenced by his thinking and what to do with his wealth.

Rishad Premji, who took over as president of Wipro from father Azim Premji in 2019, also shared a black-and-white photograph of his grandmother with his parents. “My grandmother Dr. Gulbanu Premji, with my parents in Amalner,” he wrote. “She was the chairperson of Wipro from 1966-83 and a huge support for my father in the early years. She was also the most generous person I knew. Her values ​​shaped Wipro’s ideals of philanthropy.”


He also added the hashtags #TheStoryofWipro and # 75YearsofWipro.

To mark 75 years of Wipro, which was included on December 29, 1945, Rishad Premji is sharing pre-overlooked family photographs and anecdotes on social media, titled The Story of Wipro, in the release of the book Is for

Last week, they shared two old photos on Twitter featuring their grandparents and remembered them as a couple devoted to progressive causes. He wrote, “My grandparents Gulbanu and MH Premji. He was the Dr. who helped found a Child’s Hospital, founded the Western India Vegetable Preds, later Wipro. They were a special couple, devoted to progressive causes Were.” Remember your grandfather exactly, yet he missed his grandmother.

According to Mr. Premji, The Story of Wipro will unveil the story of Western India Vegetable Products Limited and will be produced in its diversified global business – Wipro.

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