“You’re Upside Down, Tom”: Congress Zoom Blunder has audience in splits

'You're Upside Down, Tom': Congress Zoom Blunder has audience in splits

Representative Tom Emmer found that he was unable to turn off the zoom filter, causing it to reverse.

An American Republican congressman drew laughter from colleagues when he swam upside down in a zoom meeting. Representative Tom Emmer found that he was unable to turn off a zoom filter, which logged him remotely, according to a House Financial Services Committee meeting on Wednesday. Huffington Post.

Mr. Emmer, the chairman of the National Republican Congress Committee, did not immediately understand that he appeared upside down with his peers – he started talking as nothing is wrong.

He was speaking about job security when Chairman Maxine Waters asked “Will the gentleman be suspended? I’m sorry? Mr. Emmer? Are you okay?”

Another aide informs him that he is walking upside down.


“You’re being upside down, Tom,” he was heard saying, to which Mr. replied, “I don’t know how to fix it.”

Several other congressmen laughed at the others, with one suggesting that Mr. Emmer is standing on the head and the other saying “at least you’re not a cat” – referring to Massive viral zoom call In which a Texas lawyer appeared earlier this week with a cat filter.

According to CnnThe issue was soon resolved when Mr. Emmer managed to turn off the filter and appeared upstairs to the right, although not before a co-worker heard him say that he would go viral.

The prediction came true – footage from Zoom Blunder has astonished thousands of viewers on social media.

In the field of fun internet video, zoom blunders have become a category in itself thanks to the rise of video calls and online meetings since the onset of the coronavirus epidemic. Last year, a man accidentally appeared naked during a Zoom conference call with the President of Brazil.

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