Biologicals E Ltd says COVID-19 vaccine Corbevax to be rolled out by end of November


HYDERABAD: To give further impetus to the ongoing nationwide vaccination campaign, the COVID-19 vaccine Corbevax vaccine will be launched by the end of November, Biologicals E Ltd said on Monday.

Addressing reporters after attending an event in Hyderabad, Mahima Datla, Managing Director, Biologicals E Ltd. said, “Hyderabad-based Biologicals E Ltd. is looking forward to launch its coronavirus vaccine, Corbevax, by the end of November. It is our vision that on the day of launch we will be supplying around 100 million doses.”

On October 14, Biologicals E said it would submit final data on the COVID-19 vaccine Corbevax by the end of November, informed government sources.

The government was hoping to submit Phase III data for organic e by October, but after facing delays in procuring raw materials, Hyderabad-based organic e was expected to apply for an emergency use authorization of Corbevax by the end of November. have hope.

Corbevax is the third vaccine manufactured in India against coronavirus, the other two indigenous vaccines being Covaxin and ZyCoV-D. The government had earlier announced about 30 crore doses of Corbevax till December.

The Health Ministry informed on Monday, “India’s COVID-19 vaccination coverage has crossed 102.8 crore (1,02,86,69,053) on Monday. More than 58 lakh (58,87,981) vaccines till 7 pm today The daily vaccination numbers are expected to increase with the compilation of the final report for the day by late tonight.”

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