BJP opposes use of shoes to ‘decorate’ Durga Puja pandal, seeks Mamata govt’s intervention


Kolkata: The BJP on Saturday objected to the use of shoes to “decorate” a Durga Puja pandal here, alleging it would hurt religious sentiments of the people.

The organizers of the puja pandal in Dum Dum, however, refuted this claim and said that the shoe installation on the footpath leading to the marquee reflects the movement of farmers in the country, and encircles the Durga idol installed at a considerable distance from it. From a pile of rice.

Leader of the Opposition Suvendu Adhikari said in a tweet on Saturday that the organizers had committed a “heinous act” by decorating the wall of the pandal with shoes, and urged the Chief Secretary and Home Secretary to look into the matter.

“A Durga Puja pandal in Dum Dum Park is decorated with shoes. This heinous act of insulting Maa Durga in the name of ‘artistic freedom’ will not be tolerated. I urge Chief & Home Secretary @egiye_bangla to intervene And force the organizers to take off the shoes before Shashthi,” he said.

Echoing him, former Meghalaya Governor and BJP veteran Tathagata Roy told reporters that “everything cannot be tolerated in the name of artistic freedom. This is a gross insult to Goddess Durga and hurts our religious sentiments”. “

An office-bearer of the Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra Puja Committee clarified that the shoe was installed at some distance from the pandal.

“Our theme, this year, is the farmers movement. As part of the theme, the road leading to the pandal has a shoe installation to symbolize a scene after the police lathi-charge on the agitating farmers, which forced them to wield a halter skelter. Forced. Such scenes were seen recently.”

“Inside the marquee, Goddess Durga and her progeny are surrounded by a heap of paddy,” he said.

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