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BJP’s national secretary on Lakhimpur Kheri incident said, ‘goons posing as farmers doing violent agitation’

Even the demand among farmer leaders has intensified Union Minister of State for Home Ajay Mishra’s son arrested From above Lakhimpur cucumber incident, BJP National Secretary Y Satya Kumar on Monday claimed that “goons were posing as farmers” to stage protests in Uttar Pradesh. He also alleged that it was a part of a “planned experiment”.

Kumar tweeted,The terrorist Bhindranwale was not a farmer? The manner in which the goons posing as so-called farmers are conducting violent agitations in Uttar Pradesh is no coincidence but a well-planned experiment. Jihadi and Khalistani chaotic elements want to spread unrest in the state. (Was the terrorist Bhindranwale a farmer? The way goons are leading a violent agitation in Uttar Pradesh by becoming farmers, it seems that this is not a coincidence but a well-planned experiment. Jihadis and Khalistani, anarchic elements want to create unrest in the state.) ,” tweeted Kumar.

Kumar’s tweet, accompanied by the hashtag #lakhimpurkheri, also included a picture in which a man in a white T-shirt can be seen with a police officer.

On Sunday, four of the eight people killed were farmers in UP’s Lakhimpur Kheri, in which a convoy of three SUVs owned by Mishra collided with a group of farm protesters. The farm leaders claimed that their son Ashish was driving one of the SUVs.

Kumar, who is also the BJP’s co-in-charge for Uttar Pradesh, further wrote, “Openly blasting the media, setting police jeeps on fire, blocking roads everywhere, making deadly attacks on BJP’s workers in Punjab, Haryana and any other world, may be Bhindranwale-like anakavade but not farmers at all. (Openly threatening the media, setting police jeeps on fire, blocking roads, attacking BJP workers in Punjab, Haryana and elsewhere, spreading anarchy by wearing T-shirts with a picture of a terrorist like Bhindranwale-(It is clear that) People can be anything but farmers.)

BJP UP spokesperson Harish Chandra Srivastava also alleged that Khalistanis had killed BJP workers in Lakhimpur on Sunday.

He tweeted, “Khalistani who killed BJP workers yesterday in Lakhimpur, attack on police at the behest of Akhilesh Yadav and arson by SP goons, suspicious activities of opposition and thread of Congress propaganda, picture of Islamic – Khalistani conspiracy and His facilitators will become clear.”

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