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Devotees donated 2.3 crore rupees jewelry at Puri Jagannath temple

Devotees donated 2.3 crore rupees jewelry at Puri Jagannath temple

A devotee of Lord Jagannath has donated jewelry worth over Rs 2.33 crore.


On the occasion of Sri Panchami, a devotee of Lord Jagannath has donated specially designed gold and silver jewelery for the trinity of Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA), a 12th-century temple in Puri, priced at 2.33. Crores is more than Rs.

Weighing more than 8 kg, the jewelery is made of gold (4.858 kg worth more than Rs 2.30 crore) and silver (3.876 kg worth Rs 2.91 lakh) and will be used during special rituals.

A representative of the devotee met SJTA Chief Administrator Krishna Kumar on Tuesday and handed over the ornaments to the temple office in the presence of some management committee members and other officials.

Mr. Kumar said, “The devotee has requested not to reveal his identity as he does not want publicity.”

The gold jewelery included “Jhoba” (the middle part of the idol), “Shrimukh” (face) and “Padma” (lotus) for the three deities – Lord Balabhadra, Devaraja Subhadra and Lord Jagannath.

Jewelery consists of 40 “Shrimukh Padma” and two “Jhoba” for Lord Balabhadra, 53 “Shrimukh Padma” for Lord Jagannath and two “Jhoba” and two “Tadaki” and two “Jhoba”. ‘ Are included. ” For Goddess Subhadra.


The jewelry was kept in the treasury of the temple office amidst tight security.

The temple administration would later hand over the jewelery to “Bhandara Makepa” (treasurer of the temple).

Earlier, a devotee of Bhubaneswar donated “Suraj” (Sun) and “Chandra” (Moon) jewelery to the deities of the temple.

On 10 January, a devotee donated gold ornaments weighing more than 300 grams.

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