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Hong Kong Ban India flew as many Vistara Flyers Test Kovid positive

Those going to Hong Kong should have a Kovid-negative RTPR result from a test conducted 72 hours earlier.

New Delhi:

Hong Kong has banned flights from India for 14 days after dozens of passengers reportedly tested positive for Kovid after flying from New Delhi to Vistara on 4 April. A similar ban has been imposed on flights to Pakistan and the Philippines.

“The government announced today (18 April) the call for a place-specific flight suspension mechanism for India, Pakistan and the Philippines. On 20 April, from 00:00, all passenger flights from these locations were diverted to Hong Kong. Will go. For 14 days, “a Hong Kong government release said yesterday.

The release placed the three countries in the category of “extremely high-risk group A”, so as to prohibit those who remain there from boarding for Hong Kong.

Reports suggested that 47 passengers flying in Vistara’s flight had tested positive, many during its mandatory quarantine period, with the airline merely stating that it followed all guidelines.

“Vistara ensures strict compliance with all guidelines issued by Indian as well as authorities of destination countries for all countries, including all charter flights to Hong Kong. We are guided by any new requirements Remain, which may be offered. ” A spokesperson for Vistara said.

Earlier on Sunday, the Hong Kong government announced the suspension of all Vistara flights on the Mumbai-Hong Kong route until 2 May. The decision was taken after testing positive for the Kovid-19 after three passengers arrived on Vistara’s Mumbai-Hong Kong flight, PTI reported. The agency said that Vistara flights on the Delhi-Hong Kong route were earlier banned between April 6 and April 19.

All passengers flying to Hong Kong are required, according to the rules, to obtain a Kovid-negative RTPR result from a test conducted 72 hours prior to travel.

India saw an unprecedented spike in infection in recent weeks, in what is being called the second wave of the Kovid-19 epidemic. On Saturday, it recorded its highest number of more than 2.61 lakh fresh cases, ringing alarm bells. The number is expected to cross three lakhs soon.

Many states have started reporting hospital beds and oxygen deficiencies in addition to essential medicines like Rimdevisir. Many parts of the country are now partially under curfew or quasi-lockdown, with the threat of a full-scale shut-down escalating.


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