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“M Happy … Still Value to Truth in India”: Disha Ravi’s mother to NB

'M Happy ... Still Value to Truth in India': Disha Ravi's mother to NB

Disha Ravi’s mother spoke to NB after Delhi Sessions Court granted bail to her daughter


After 22-year-old climate activist Disha Ravi, who was arrested on 13 February in a “toolkit” case and charged with treason, A Delhi court granted bail, Her mother spoke to NB, and expressed happiness, relief and confidence in the country’s legal system.

“I am relieved. I am very happy. I believe that India’s legal system .. truth is important in India,” she said, barely able to hold her tears.

“I don’t know how to say thanks to all the people who supported him and came out for him,” he said.

She said that when her daughter returned to Bangalore, “I want to hug her and feed her.”

“Every time Disha spoke to us, she was the one who gave us confidence and strength. My daughter is very strong and bold (And) after all this, I have grown into a strong mother, ”she said.

“My message to the other parents – we should stand by our children (and) in such difficult times, for them we should be strong,” said Ms. Ravi’s mother.

Earlier today, Additional Sessions Judge Dharmendra Rana granted bail to Ms. Ravi and did as he did. Strong comments on the right to freedom and freedom of expression and expression.


Judge Rana said, “Even our founding fathers agreed on the basis of respect due to recognition of eloquence and freedom of expression as a respectable fundamental right. The right to dissent under Article 19 of the Constitution of India Firmly implied. “

He said that on 26.01.2021 there is no evidence brought to connect the perpetrators of the violence with the said PJF (Poetic Justice Foundation) or the applicant / accused.

The judge said, “There is no unqualified reason for breaking the bail rule for a 22-year-old girl. I think there have been no criminal incidents.” Invited the minister for the government’s injuries “.

Ms. Ravi is accused by the Delhi Police of creating and spreading an online document involving farmers’ protests against the Center’s agricultural laws – police say a document reviving a Khalistani group and “spreading ineffectiveness against the Indian state” was for.

Ms Ravi, who told the court earlier this month that she had edited only two lines of the document and had not produced it, said she was only “supporting farmers in her campaign to get the controversial laws Wanted to do “- which they say endangers their livelihood – was snuffed out.

Under the terms of the bail, Ms. Ravi must continue to cooperate with (and not obstruct) the investigation and until permitted by the court.


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