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Newest cases in Maharashtra asymmetric: State government sources

Newest cases in Maharashtra asymmetric: State government sources

According to sources, maximum number of cases have been reported.

Sources in the state’s health department have said that the latest change in the coronovirus figures in Maharashtra is a result of people ignoring anti-Kovind, wearing masks and maintaining social distance. If the number of daily coronaviruses did not increase within the next two weeks, it would be reapplied.

Currently most of the coronovirus cases are coming out of Vidarbha region of the state and it is odd, sources said, adding that the state is fully prepared to connect the government. Sources said that in the past the Uddhav Thackeray government handled over three lakh cases in Maharashtra.

“Maximum number of cases have occurred due to people’s laxity. People are not using masks, maintaining social distance even in rural areas,” he said.

After a gap of three months, Maharashtra, with the highest number of coronovirus cases in the country, has reported more than 6,000 coronovirus cases since last Friday.


In a virtual address on Sunday, Mr. Thackeray described the coronovirus situation in the state as serious and said it would take “8 to 15 days” to find out if the current boom was a new wave of infection. He also warned people to follow the coronavirus protocol to avoid lockdown.

“Do we need a lockdown? If you behave responsibly, we’ll find out in the next eight days. Those who don’t want a lockdown will wear a mask. Those who want a lockdown won’t wear one. So one Wear a mask. And say ‘no’ to the lockdown, “he said.

“If the number continues to rise for the next 8 to 15 days, the lockdown will have to be announced,” he said.


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