Weight Loss: Burn Some Calories With This Advanced Cardio Workout That Can Pump You Up Instantly!

Weight Loss: Burn Some Calories With This Advanced Cardio Workout That Can Pump You Up Instantly!

Weight loss: This advanced cardio workout can make you feel energised


  • This workout can be done within half an hour
  • One lap of the workout can be done in 10 minutes
  • The workout can boost your stamina

Weight training workouts require less space and can be done in a room or even on a mat. Doing cardio workouts in a small space or on a mat, can be a tad bit difficult. Running, cycling, jogging, skipping rope, jumping jack can all be done either on machines or outside of your house in a park etc. The recently-shared workout by celeb fitness trainer Kayla Itsines, however, enables you to do a pumped up cardio workout on a mat or a small space.

This cardio workout can be done anytime, anywhere, without any equipment. It can get your heart rate up, boost your stamina and help you burn a good amount of calories in only 10 minutes.

Advanced cardio workout for weight loss: The workout includes a total of 6 exercises. Here are they:

  1. X Hop – 20 reps
  2. High Knees – 40 reps
  3. Reverse Lunge & Hop – 20 reps (10 per side)
  4. Jumping Jacks – 40 reps
  5. Skaters – 20 reps (10 per side)
  6. Mountain Climbers – 40 (20 per side)

This advanced cardio workout can be great for boosting your mood and also for losing weight. It can be ideal for those who have been struggling to step out because of too much responsibilities, packed work schedule and house chores.

This workout, according to Itsines, can be an alternative to walking, running, cycling and even swimming. Watch the video below to see how each exercise is done. You can set a timer and complete three laps to make a full workout.

You can also combine it with a weight training session like the one shared below. All exercises can be done at home with minimal or no equipment.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

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