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British woman buys baking tray from IKEA, surprised to see it melt in the oven

Baking is said to be one of the most beginner-friendly cooking techniques. Simply measure all the ingredients, mix them together and pop them in the oven for excellent results. If you follow all the steps correctly, there is practically nothing that could possibly go wrong. However, a woman from Britain was shocked when she tried to cook some potato cakes in her oven. Manchester-based Tiana Lowe bought the baking tray from furniture store IKEA. She put it in the oven along with some potato cakes and was shocked to see that the whole tray had melted inside. To keep an eye:

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“Thank you IKEA for making your serving tray look like an oven tray,” she wrote in a Facebook post on IKEA’s page. Thus, what Tiana Lowe thought was a baking tray was actually a serving tray made of plastic. it has since melted in the oven plastic Cannot withstand high temperatures. Lowe’s was confused by the metallic paint on the serving tray, which made it look exactly like a baking tray. He admitted that he didn’t read the label, and in fact thought it was just GBP 1 or Rs. There is a real theft in me. 103 approx.

Facebook users rebuked Tiana Lowe in the comments section of her post. He thought it was his fault that he did not see that the tray was for serving and not cook. Lowe’s reacted to the negative comments saying, “Guys, it didn’t look or feel plastic to me, it felt lightweight but I thought it was because it’s cheap haha ​​and no, I found the description in the store.” Clearly didn’t read.”

“In no way shape or form am I blaming IKEA, please look at the humor of the post for people taking this seriously! After all, you weren’t supposed to clean it up,” she said.

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Baking fail can come in many shapes and forms, however, this was unexpected.

Some users also defended him and said that it is an honest mistake that can happen to anyone. “You should tell people it was a Oven tray; You just have a hardcore oven,” one user joked, “To be fair, it looks like an oven dish.”

Although Tiana Lowe’s post has gained immense traction on Facebook, she has yet to be contacted by the Swedish furniture giant. However, Lowe’s isn’t looking for an apology and just a suggestion for IKEA. He said Mirror, “IKEA needs to make them look really plastic and maybe change the color, or put a giant warning sign on them. But it’s my fault, not theirs.”

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