‘Brother give me this spear’, when Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem did this to Neeraj Chopra before the final

Neeraj Chopra, who won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics earlier this month, is currently at the top of the country. But not everything went according to plan for India’s first track-and-field Olympic gold medalist. Just before his final in Tokyo, the Indian star was not able to locate his spear as Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem went with it.

“The story goes that I was looking for my spear at the start of the final. I was not able to find it. Suddenly I saw that Arshad Nadeem was walking with my spear. Then I said to him, ‘Brother give me this spear, this is my spear! I have to throw with it’. Then he gave it back to me,” Neeraj Chopra told TOI in an interview.

“That’s why you must have noticed that I took my first throw in a hurry! Arshad Nadeem did very well in the qualifying round as well as in the final. I think it is good for Pakistan, they have more interest in javelin to show and play.” There is a chance to do well at the international level in future,” Chopra said about Nadeem’s performance at the Tokyo Olympics.

The young Indian athlete has been participating in events and events continuously since his return from the Tokyo Olympics. During this Neeraj Chopra also fell ill.

“I had a fever. I used to get drenched in sweat on my way to functions and then I used to go in air-conditioned cars. I was not getting rest and was not even eating properly due to the hectic routine.”

The 23-year-old insists that these things need to change And the game requires constant attention. “It shouldn’t be that now the medal has arrived, do it all now, and then after a great one all calm down (It shouldn’t be that we have to finish every celebration immediately because an Olympic gold medal has arrived, and then a Forget about it month after month.) The game needs constant attention.

“These things need to change. It is good that a medal has come but everything needs to be settled,” Chopra said in the interview.

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