Good news for PF customers! Find solutions to your complaints and grievances through Whatsapp

New Delhi: The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has introduced many online facilities for millions of PF subscribers, thus making it easier for them to operate their PF account smoothly.

For the ease of PF customers, EPFO Has also started a WhatsApp service, using which PF account holders can find a solution to their account related problem. WhatsApp helpline service (EPFO WhatsApp helpline service), aims to reduce your visits to the PF office.

WhatsApp helpline service has been started in all 138 regional offices of EPFO. Any member can file a complaint through a WhatsApp message. To know the WhatsApp number of your area, visit the official website of the account holder EPFO

You can also Click on this direct link, To find the number of its area.

Other features of EPFO ​​include EPFIGMS portal (online complaint resolution portal), CPGRAMS, social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) and 24-hour call center, all designed for ease of PF customers.

Earlier this month, EPFO ​​launched an electronic facility for PRINCIPAL EMPLOYERS EPF Compliance Of their contractors. Now, EPFO ​​registered employers entangle employees through contractor (s), can add details of contractor (s) and contract employees on EPFO’s integrated portal.

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Registered employees (PEs) not registered with EPFO ​​can register on the integrated portal to get login / password to add details of their contractor (s) and contract employees. On adding the contractor details, PE can see the employee wise remittance made by the contractors through ECR through their login. PEs can now enroll their contractors to all contract workers and ensure EPF contribution through ECR.


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