Indian pharma firm makes local demand to end Reliance on China

Indian pharma firm makes local demand to end Reliance on China

India’s pharmaceutical industry must boost infrastructure and accelerate drug approval to take over China.

Indian pharmaceutical companies are searching for local manufacturers of so-called active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or trying to build in-house to end their dependence on China because of a deadly border conflict between the two countries last June Sourness came later.

Although India is known as the pharmacy of the world for its mass production capabilities of both generic drugs and vaccines, China accounted for half of its API needs in 2019, almost three decades ago, anything from industry data. Did not see

Officials of India’s Cadila Healthcare, Cipla, Sun Pharmaceutical and Biocon said on Tuesday that they were working aggressively to reduce their dependence on the wealthy competitor for raw materials.

Disruption of supply from China was also a major factor in the Kovid-19 epidemic, he said, early last year, many of them had to scramble for ingredients to make important drugs sold worldwide.

“Due to anti-China sentiment … most companies are working to clarify that their supply chain relationship with China is limited,” said Cadila’s supply head Gaurav Suchak. Conference organized by Telangana.

“For critical API molecules, the idea is to go for a backward integration where you are in control of the pie that is going to have the most impact on your business, and also to ensure that the entire value chain is protected.”

He added that companies are also keeping an eye on reliable local vendors, which can promise continuity and competitive prices.


Cipla’s supply head Swapna Malpani said it has launched an “API re-imagining” program to expand its own manufacturing capabilities, possibly using recent government incentives such as production subsidies, in addition to working with local suppliers.

Prasad Deshpande, Biocon’s supply head, said the company’s goal is “what percentage of China is revenue independent”.

Deshpande said, “We are happy to state that till the last quarter we were almost 50 percent completely independent of China.” “This does not mean that we will not source from China, but we are no longer dependent on China.”

But he also said that India would have to improve its infrastructure and expedite approval processes to increase the scale and speed of China.


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