Learn how to use the ‘How to Two’ feature on WhatsApp with these simple tips

New Delhi: WhatsApp is still the most used messenger app on Android and iOS platforms as far as India is concerned. The app has introduced many new features over a period of time and has introduced payment services in recent times. There are still many features that want to make their way to the app. Note to self is an important feature missing from the principal messenger.

Note to self is an extremely useful feature where you can send an important note or remind yourself. This user displays a separate chat window which makes it easy to get your important information quickly by reducing additional steps. It is also helpful and efficient because it syncs to the cloud in the same format, so in the future, if you want to find something important, it is just a few clicks away.

WhatsApp Rival Telegram and Signal already support the Note to Self feature. We will guide you on how to get this feature for WhatsApp. Follow these simple steps and increase your productivity with notes. Convenience:

Step 1: Open the browser on your PC / smartphone and go to

Step 2: Please enter your phone number with country code

Step 3: You will be automatically sent to another web page, users have to click on the “Continue Chat” tile

Step 4: It will automatically open WhatsApp and a chat window and a chat window with its own phone number will appear at the top.

(If you are doing this on a PC, users must first log into their WhatsApp web account.)

With this you will be able to share important pictures, videos, texts etc. with you.

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