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California makes it illegal to remove condoms without verbal consent

California Governor Gavin Newsom made it illegal to remove condoms without consent. (file)

Los Angeles:

California has made it illegal to remove condoms during sex without verbal consent, which is known as “stealthing.”

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill Thursday that classifies the removal of condoms without consent as “sexual battery.”

“By passing this bill, we are underlining the importance of consent,” the governor’s office said in a tweet.

Cristina Garcia, a member of the California Legislature who introduced the bill, said it maintains that “theft is not only immoral, but illegal as well.”

The California law is the first in the country to specifically ban “stealth,” which can expose a partner to unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

Under the bill, a person commits sexual battery that “causes contact between a sexual organ from which a condom has been removed, and the intimate part of another who did not orally consent to the removal of the condom.” “

An offender is liable for punitive damages which will be awarded by a court.

The practice of “stealth” gained attention in the United States after a paper by Alexandra Brodsky, a doctoral student, was published in 2017 in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law.

Brodsky’s paper noted that there were online forums that provided information on how to “sneak” successfully, some of which were later closed.

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