Center responsible for deteriorating situation in J&K: Mehbooba Mufti


SRINAGAR: PDP president Mehbooba Mufti on Friday said the wrong steps taken by the BJP-led central government were responsible for the “deteriorating” situation in Jammu and Kashmir, after meeting the family of a school principal killed by terrorists here.

With seven civilians killed by terrorists in the Kashmir Valley in five days, Mehbooba demanded that accountability be fixed for repeated security lapses.

Principal Supinder Kaur and teacher Deepak Chand were shot dead inside a government school in the city on Thursday.

He said, “The situation is deteriorating day by day and the BJP government is responsible for it. Its wrong steps and measures taken on August 5, 2019 (abrogation of Article 370) and even before that, due to the rapidly deteriorating situation. are directly responsible for Kashmir,” Mehbooba told reporters outside Kaur’s residence in Aloochibagh.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chief reached out to Kaur’s family and offered condolences and sympathy.

He said, “They have two young children. Where will they go? Our Sikh brothers have been with us and supported us all these years in our difficult times. They have also been attacked, which is highly condemnable.”

Mehbooba said on Twitter that the repeated security lapses should be looked into by the chiefs.

“Everyone here is living in an atmosphere of repression and fear. Heads should be bowed and those at the top should be held responsible for security lapses time and again,” he tweeted.

The PDP chief claimed that it was established that the security agencies had prior information about such attacks.

“Yet they failed to protect these innocent lives. Is it because they are busy devoting all their energy to sacking government employees and confiscation of passports of common Kashmiris?” Mehbooba asked.

He said, “Till yesterday, the security grid was fully engaged in organizing general picnic tours and horse riding for visiting ministers. Perhaps these attacks could have been avoided if their sole focus was not on these ministerial visits and general acrobatics. Happen.”

Mehbooba claimed that her party tried to organize a unity march in the wake of the killings but was stopped by the police.

“The irony is that the Indian government spreads rumors that Kashmiri Muslims do not stand up for minorities here. The truth is that this blatant hateful propaganda fits the BJP’s electoral narrative and prospects,” he said.

Of the seven civilians killed by terrorists in Kashmir, four belonged to minority communities and six of the deaths occurred in Srinagar.

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