Chhattisgarh to formulate ‘strong’ EV policy, invest in promotion of e-vehicles

Naveen Bharat Editorial

RAIPUR: With the electric vehicle (EV) industry accelerating in India, Chhattisgarh prepares itself for the EV future with the experiences and key support from the major players in the current market of the e-mobility segment.

The government held an extensive virtual session with industries and organizations in the EV sector as the state pledged to assist and support them in a draft policy promising to promote e-vehicles.

“There is a dire need to follow the current trends on energy consumption. We are rapidly working out what needs to be done to put Chhattisgarh in a ready state, invest in electric vehicles through a favorable policy as we gear up to promote its adoption”, Dipanshu Kabra, Additional Commissioner (Transport) said.

For a robust EV policy, the state is drawing high level of expertise from across the country along with valuable inputs for transport department officials.

“The future of e-vehicles in our country is bright and Chhattisgarh has immense potential. We are gearing up for a robust and economically viable roadmap for e-vehicles in our state”, said Transport Minister Mohammad Akbar and He further said that the transport sector should no longer be a major contributor to emissions.

Experts from companies like Tata, MG Motors, EESL, Ather Energy, Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT) Pune, ParXsys MoBLiT, National Garage shared their suggestions and knowledge during the detailed panel interaction on various aspects related to EVs. Infrastructure, energy, various myths, charging stations etc.

According to Shekhar Dhole of CIRT, the policies should attract and engage more people towards EVs, where the range of vehicles continues to be the major factor.

“The price of EVs will drop significantly when the prices of Li-ion battery components are reduced. Among the many government plans for EVs, we expect India to have the cheapest Li-ion manufacturing globally by 2025 or 2026”, said Srikanth S of Ather Energy.

Another panelist Syed Haseeb Arfat, citing Chhattisgarh, said the wider mining sector could adopt a business model in which electric bikes could be made available for employees to commute on campus.

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