Anti-drugs agency suspects NCP leader’s son-in-law Financial Drug Import

Anti-drugs agency suspects NCP leader's son-in-law Financial Drug Import

The Narcotics Control Bureau arrested Sameer Khan on Wednesday in a drugs case.


Son-in-law of Maharashtra cabinet minister Nawab Malik, Sameer Khan, who was Arrested In the drugs case involving the British national Karan Sajni by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), it is suspected to have financed the supply of imported drugs, agency sources have said.

Khan was arrested on Wednesday after being questioned in the NCB’s Mumbai office for several hours. During the interrogation, Sajni was summoned after the name came up.

Sources said that Khan has several digital evidence related to Saazni, who was arrested last week after the seizure of more than 200 kg of marijuana, including some imported strains such as OG Kush.

Sources in the NCB said they have recovered several chats, voice notes and recorded calls from Khan’s phone, which were seized after his arrest and have been sent for forensic investigation.

Sources in the agency said that Khan and Sajni started working together 15 months ago.

Sajni reportedly imported a variety of drugs, including four to five different strains of marijuana from Seattle to Mumbai, and Khan financed these transactions, he said.

Sameer Khan, a co-owner, is a fitness and grooming enterprise, and also owns a local sports league. He allegedly took the money for drugs through Rahani Furniturewala, which included another accused Sajni.

Sources in the NCB said that Sajni mixed imported drugs with the so-called herbal mixture, packing it in pre-rolled cigarettes before selling it to her customers, including Bollywood celebrities. A list of his customers was recovered during last week’s raid.


The mixture was reportedly purchased from a workshop in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. The owner of this workshop has been identified as Ali, who is missing and the investigating agency has launched a search to track him down, he said.

Sources in the agency said that an international investigation is needed to tighten this network of drug supplies.

After Sajni’s arrest, NCB also arrested the co-owner of Mumbai’s Famous ‘Muchhad Paanwala’ Ramkumar Tiwari. He was arrested after he recovered 0.5 kg of marijuana – allegedly supplied by Sajanani – from his shop by the NCB.

Tiwari’s South Mumbai establishment is known for being a favorite among Bollywood celebrities.

The raids, led by Sajni, Tiwari and now Khan, are part of a larger investigation into allegations of a film industry-drug cartel nexus that emerged in the investigation into the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput in June last year.

Meanwhile, Mr. Malik said No one is above the law And it should be implemented without any discrimination. In a post on Twitter, the NCP leader said without mentioning any incident that the law would take its proper course and there would be justice.

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