Delhi’s private liquor will remain closed for more than a month from Friday

An official of the excise department said that government shops have been asked to stock up. (Representative)

New Delhi:

Tippers in Delhi may face problems in getting their favorite brands in the next one and a half months as around 40 per cent of the privately run liquor shops in the national capital will be shut from October 1.

Under the new excise policy of the Delhi government, all 850 liquor shops, including 260 privately run shops, have been given to private firms through open tender. The new licensees will start retailing liquor in the city from November 17.

During the transition period of about one and a half months, only government-run liquor contracts will remain open. Government vendors will be closed on November 16.

Dheeraj Kumar, a resident of Laxmi Nagar, said, “There are already problems in getting your favorite brands as the private liquor store in my neighborhood has exhausted its stock as it is killing the business. Shutting down means more problems.”

An official of the Excise Department said that in view of the expected jump in demand, government shops have been asked to stock up.

“It is a transition phase and some people may have problems, but there will be no shortage as there are sufficient number of government shops to meet the demand,” the official said.

He said there are around 720 liquor shops, of which around 260 or 40 per cent are privately run.

The department has also made preparations to prevent the possibility of illegal liquor entering the city from neighboring states due to the closure of private shops.

There are 26 municipal wards in the city where no liquor vends will open after September 30 as they were catered only by private vendors. There are already 80 wards where there are no liquor shops.

The Delhi government, under its new excise policy, divided the city into 32 zones and auctioned liquor shops, aiming for equitable distribution of retail liquor business across the city. Each zone consisting of 8-10 wards will have about 27 vendors.

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