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Dhoni’s friend cum Cupid Uthappa did CSK in the final

MS Dhoni and Robin Uthappa go a long way. He made his India debut in the mid-2000s, and with Robin, around the same time Suresh Raina, was part of the original Dhoni gang. Subsequently, he rose to fame during the blues in India and was also seen during his friend’s holidays in Coorg during the off-season. Uthappa was not just Robin to Batman Dhoni, he also played the role of Cupid as we now know. Years later, Dhoni’s wife Sakshi posted a picture of her 30th birthday in an Insta revelation with the caption: “Thanks to this man, Mahi and I are together!!! It was great to meet Robbie and Sheetal. ” The notoriously intelligent Dhoni will also be seen on Uthappa’s Twitter timeline – flashing a wide smile in family pictures with their respective little ones. how time flies. When the Royals let Robin go earlier this season, CSK will scoop him up. Anticipating lewd remarks, Robin disclaimed: “Dhoni told me, ‘I want you to know that I didn’t decide to have you here’.” It was his way of saying it, he was wearing CSK yellow because of his skills. Dhoni already knew that Robin could be trusted in tough situations. In that tied India-Pakistan league game during the 2007 World Cup, Robin scored a half-century and, more importantly, hit the stumps in the ‘bowl out’. And on a Dubai evening, when Dhoni, not among runs in this IPL stage, wanted someone to push CSK into the final and take the critical eye away from his personal, it was his trusted friend who delivered. Along with Robin and Gaikwad, Dhoni gave his usual finishing touches. This time he hit a boundary, he probably saved a six for the final.

HRHHairness left in the air

It was a leap into a forgotten past. MS Dhoni to his right, full-stretched, defying gravity and age, chasing an edge Prithvi ShawWhy bat? Like it was retro-auges all over again. As if he was that hipster again, suddenly an imaginary halo of flowing hair was forming around his yellow hat, his face fresh-faced and unburied, his eyes gleaming with excitement. For a long time, even during the backend of his international career, Dhoni has avoided a complete dive with one hand, especially towards the slip cordon. But this time, the old instinct seemed to kick in, fleetingly, before reality nudged. But how the illusion came crashing down, as the ball rolls past its outstretched glove, with a mischievous wink, like a misguided vehicle giving the cops behind the car a mischievous slip. Dhoni collapsed on the grass field of the Dubai Stadium, his tired eyes watching the ball slip through his fist. By then, the hairy halo had long since disappeared.

smulderman, not spidey

Rishabh ‘Spidey’ Pant gritted his teeth and flicked his nostrils while collecting a wild wandering throw that allowed Robin Uthappa to calm down for a third. The chirpy keeper, now and then pulling as a stern captain, was unhappy with the longing-pace throw from third man that allowed Ruturaj Gaikwad to add three after dissecting deep point and third man. Saving the boundary was hardly a consolation, even as DC were canter for their second wicket partnership, with the duo hitting half-centuries. Pant backs up on the throw, vents his irritation and uses his keeper gloves to perform a mock-slap on the stumps – the always smiling goofy delivering a rare grim grump. Rishabh’s smile would return soon after taking three wickets, but Gaikwad and Uthappa did enough damage to stick the start of a frown on Pant’s face as Spidey’s web was used like a mosquito swatter.

iyer on fire

Shreyas Iyer When Delhi Capitals put into bat, achieving a sub-terrestrial T20 strike rate of 12.50, could not go on. When DC defended, he made up for the miss with the bat. He tried, at least. Her resolve to contribute was as firm as a black headband, holding firmly to her vertical outcrop of blonde hair. There was a clever catch at long on first to send back Uthappa, who was looking to finish it himself. But as the kitten lay among the pigeons, Iyer kept his head in the cha-cha-cha catch at the boundary. The ball had gone between mid-wicket and long-on, and Iyer failed to break his run inside the ropes while taking a running catch. He’ll toss the ball back, see Akshar Patel Hover around him precariously, but pop him a bit to complete the catch and hold. He would later end a pick-and-throw in a quick move, sending back Ambati Rayudu Rabada with a rocket throw inches away from the stumps, to lend some late play to CSK’s chase. Then Dhoni lashed out at his redemption.

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