DMK MP, wanted for murder, surrenders: “Will prove the allegations wrong”

DMK MP TRVS Ramesh surrenders in a court in Cuddalore district. (file photo)


  • DMK MP TRV S Ramesh accused of killing a laborer
  • He attacked a worker for stealing about eight kg of cashew nuts
  • DMK MLA said, ‘I will prove that the allegations against me are baseless’


DMK MP TRV S Ramesh, accused in the murder of a laborer, surrendered in a court in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu this morning.

The state police was on the lookout for the MLA in connection with the alleged murder of a worker in the cashew unit.

Mr. Ramesh surrendered in a court at Panruti in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu.

In a statement, the DMK MLA said: “I will prove that the allegations against me are baseless. I surrender to not give room for those who blame the good governance of my leader. I am sad that some parties like DMK defaming against.”

The CB-CID branch of the Tamil Nadu Police is on the lookout for the alleged murder of DMK MP Govindraj, who worked in their cashew processing unit last month.

The 55-year-old worker was allegedly attacked by the MLA and others for allegedly stealing around eight kilograms of cashew nuts.

Govindraj was earlier brought to the police station on September 19 in an injured condition by other activists. Though the police directed workers to take him to the hospital, he was reportedly taken back to the cashew unit, where he was later found dead.

During the weekend, police arrested five of its activists allegedly involved in the crime.

Govindraj’s son in his complaint has described it as a clear case of murder.

The politically strong PMK in the region has demanded a CBI probe. He had also demanded the immediate arrest of the ruling party MP.

“We have also filed a complaint of lapse and failure by the local police. They should not have handed him over to the group to take him to the hospital. The police should have done it themselves,” says Mr. K. Balu, a lawyer and spokesperson of K.K. PMK.

Postmortem was done in Puducherry. The report has not been given to the family yet.

The case was transferred to the CB-CID after the public outcry by the state DGP Mr. Silendra Babu.

This is the first high-profile criminal case involving a DMK MLA since the DMK government came to power in May with a clear mandate.

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