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Do you know the difference between yogurt, yogurt and probiotic yogurt?

Many people misunderstand curd as curd or vice versa. Some consider probiotics to be another name for yogurt. Again, some people believe that curd is thicker than curd, and that is the only difference.

To help you differentiate between the three – curd, curd and probiotic – Chef Kunal Kapoor recently shared an interesting video where he made it simple for everyone.

All three provide health benefits like digestion. (source: Thinkstock)

*Make CurdFirst you boil the milk and let it cool at 30-40 degree Celsius temperature and then add a spoonful of curd to it. Now yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria called “Lactobacillus”, which causes the bacteria to multiply in the milk. Within a few hours it ferments the milk to form curd. When the bacteria present in yogurt reach alive in our intestine, it gives us health benefits. However, yogurt and its bacterial power vary from house to house and may or may not survive to the intestines.

*Curd It is also made in a similar way, but milk is fermented by adding two more strains of bacteria called Lactobacillus bulgaris and Streptococcus thermophilus. The combination of these two bacteria ensures both the quality and the right amount of bacteria in the curd. These are good bacteria grown by scientists in their own laboratories that ensure that they survive to the gut and provide health benefits such as digestion.

*A product is said to be probiotic when it contains a specific type of live bacteria. probiotic yogurt Composed of living bacteria resistant to gastric acid, bile and pancreatic juice. It reaches the intestine alive and provides health benefits when taken in specific doses.

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