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Eat Two-Minute Noodles, Try ‘Naturally Gluten-Free’ Alternatives Instead

How convenient and satiating a packet of two-minute noodles can be, is it really healthy for the body, it is often debated.

But if you love noodle, you can always opt for healthier ones. gluten free the option. In fact, nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal suggests eating a version of “naturally gluten-free noodles” – vermicelli or ukde tandla sevai, a popular vermicelli or rice noodles.

Taking to Instagram, Ganeriwal shared, “These are not noodles that come out of a packet and are cooked in a matter of minutes. These, too, are not modified according to the taste of the season, so they can ‘sold’ well.”

“‘Sevai’ is a traditional food in many South Indian households. It is known by different names – shamige in Kannada, idiyappam in Tamil and Malayalam,” she wrote.

Ukade Tandla Sevai is made with steamed rice noodles and eaten with fresh coconut milk, cardamom and jaggery. “It is also eaten with spicy coconut chutney for those who like to make it salty. A heavenly combination, a favorite among people of all ages,” wrote Ganeriwal.

Talking about the benefits of this gluten-free noodles, the nutritionist said that it helps in promoting digestion and managing cholesterol and fat. It helps in controlling your weight, makes bones strong, flushes out toxins and prevents diabetes.

“Let’s go ahead and eat more of these traditional dishes on a regular basis. Because we, as Indians, are literally too spoiled for choices in food, to be fooled by any ‘instant’,” The nutritionist further expressed.

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