AR Rahman revealed the real reason behind his exit from the stage when the anchor spoke in Hindi at a 99-song event!

New Delhi: Remember an incident a few days ago when music maestro AR Rahman made headlines for exiting the stage because the anchor spoke in Hindi? Well, the legendary singer-musician has now reacted to the entire language controversy.

AR Rahman in an interview The ruckus with Bollywood opened up the incident and why it was made only for fun.

“What has happened. We are launching three languages. Hindi is already launched and we are coming to Tamil Nadu. So there are some special protocols on the stage. We are talking to the Tamil audience, which is already Saying Ehaan is very. Fair. So I asked her (anchor) to speak in Tamil and follow protocol. I think she wanted to be kind to Ehaan and she understands Hindi better. And so she talks in Hindi. So I said, ‘Hindi?’ And I had to leave the stage. After that other people had to come on stage. So people put it one and one two and I got angry. It was a joke. It didn’t mean to be serious. I think it Saved us. Going viral, a lot of money spreading Ehan’s and my face, “he said.

AR Rahman said, “I am humble and thankful for being born in Tamil Nadu and speaking Tamil. Without knowing Hindi, the Hindi audience has accepted me and it is unbelievable for me. When Roja released, I remember That is what almost every Hindi-speaking person said. I loved the sound track in Tamil more than in Hindi. This love and gratitude will never go out to the Hindi audience and people of other languages. “

For Anwar, a few days ago AR Rahman attended an event in Chennai for the audio launch of his maiden production ’99 Songs’. He shared the stage with the lead actor and debutant Kante. The anchor welcomed Rahman in Tamil and then switched to Hindi when he introduced Ehan Bhatt. However, the musician stopped him in the middle and asked, “Hindi”? And went off stage.

Sangeet Ustad then asked the anchor, “Didn’t I already ask you whether you speak in Tamil?” The anchor replied that he spoke in Hindi only to welcome Ehaan. To his surprise, Rahman laughingly said that he was only joking.

After this the video went viral and Rahman was also trolled online.


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