Former beauty queen Christine Decera allegedly charged in gang rape and murder, 11 ‘provisional’ case

New Delhi: In a horrific incident, former model and flight attendant Christine Decera was allegedly gangraped and found dead at a New Year party at a hotel in the Philippines. Her autopsy report claimed that she had died after the “broken aortic aneurysm” was disproved by her mother, Sharon Decera, who claimed that her daughter had been raped.

“For me, my daughter was raped,” Sharon said in a television interview.

“If you look at Christine’s body, if you are a mother you will definitely feel the pain Christine suffered, but my daughter cannot speak anymore because she died”, he said.

“My daughter had bruises, bruises, how did it get written (was not in the autopsy)? I can’t accept the autopsy that she did,” the report quoted Christine’s mother as saying .

Christine, 23, was found dead on 1 January 2021 in a hotel room bathtub at the Garden City Grand Hotel in Makati, Philippines.

Her mother said her daughter’s death could not be healthy because she was “healthy”, news.com.au reported.

Reportedly, 11 men have been charged ‘provisional’ in connection with the rape and murder of the flight attendants. Three of them were arrested but later released from police custody.

Dekera’s family’s lawyer said they believe her drink was beaten and abused. Her family claimed that Christine had already experienced intoxication and complained that her drinks had spiked. “We also believe that perhaps aneurysm was a proximal cause, but it is also very possible that it began with an attack before his death,” said the family’s attorney, Brik Reyes, according to Curious.

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