A decade of study shows that all the rivers of the world outweigh humans.

Decade-long studies show that all the rivers of the world outnumber humans.

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Teams of researchers from several institutions in France and China have conducted a decade-long study of the degree of human impact on river systems worldwide over the past two centuries. In his letter published in the journal ScienceThe group describes their study and reveals their findings.

Lakes and rivers cover only 1% of the Earth’s surface, yet they host more than 17,000 species of fish, representing 25% of all vertebrates. And today, about 25% of all the world’s fish live in rivers, lakes and rivers. Evidence from earlier studies and anecdotes suggest that humans have had a major impact on lakes and rivers, especially since the Industrial Revolution began – a time when factories began dumping waste into waterways. In this new endeavor, researchers pondered how large effects humans have had on river systems in the last 200 years. To find out, he began studying rivers and rivers around the world 10 years ago. In total, they collected data on 2,456 river valleys, including about 14,000 , Which they account for about 80% of all known .

To put their findings in perspective, researchers developed a scale from 1 to 10 to judge the level of human impact on biodiversity for all river basins. The scale was obtained taking into account the number of species in a given area, the function of each, and the Between them – and what they compared to conditions 200 years ago.

Researchers found that more than half Humans have been heavily impacted in the world – their biodiversity scale showed 53% of them rated 6 or higher. They also found that most Europe and North America were heavily impacted – some, such as the Thames, were rated 10. They also found that just 14% of rivers worldwide were rated as experiencing small human impact, and they mostly Africa and Australia were underdeveloped areas. .

One-third of the rivers in the US were found to change from blue to green and yellow

more information:
Human impact on global freshwater biodiversity, Science (2021). science.sciencemag.org/cgi/doi… 1126 / science.abd3369

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