Dozens of whales stranded in infamous New Zealand Bay – Naveen Bharat

Wellington: Rescuers had been running since Monday to rescue dozens of pilots. The whale That is spread on the beach New Zealand Wildlife officials said notorious onshore for large-scale wandering.
The Department of Conservation (DOC) said that 49 long-term pods Pilot whale Early Monday, found at Farewell Spit, about 90 kilometers (55 mi) to the north South Island Nelson’s tourism city.
The DOC said that by the middle of the afternoon, nine whales had died and more than 60 people were working to rescue them.
A DOC spokesman said, “Marine mammal medals will assist in saving whales and taking care of them on the beach, they will remain calm until they can be cooled.”
The Farewell Spit is 26 kilometers of sand that spills into the sea at Golden Bay.
It has been the scene of at least 10 pilot whale strandings in the past 15 years, most recently in February 2017, when around 700 marine mammals were killed by the sea, killing 250 people.
Scientists are not clear why the beach is so deadly, although one theory is that the spit creates shallow seas in the bay that interfere with the whale’s sonar navigation system.


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