NASA shared latest pictures of Mars, video of Perseverance Rover’s landing

The world successfully observed NASA’s science rover persistence land on the surface of Mars. To keep viewers updated, they have shared a new video with a recap of historical landings and new photos from the planet’s surface.

NASA released a new video on Sunday (February 21) Landing of mars Also uploaded some photos on YouTube and from his verified Twitter account.

“This week … Mars landing! The world saw the successful touchdown of @NasaAppresway. SS Catherine Johnson cargo spacecraft launched for @Space_Station. New date for @BoingSpace’s wired Starliner test flight,” he added Written in the caption of the post.

Tagging the official Twitter handle of Fortitude Rover, NASA Thomas Zurbuchen’s associate administrator, shared the exciting news that more pictures and footage from the mission will be shared on Monday. “Since @NASAPersevere Landing, we’ve been prioritizing two types of data: first-of-its-kind footage from the rover’s entry, descending and landing. And, health and safety data for the rover and its subsystem. We Release more pictures and videos at a news briefing on Monday at 2pm, “he wrote in his post, sharing a new photo from Mars.

Take a look at the new photos that Perseverance Rover captured:

The spacecraft sailed through the spacecraft for about seven months before piercing Mars’ atmosphere at 19,000 kmph to begin its approach to touchdowns on the planet’s surface. Self-guided descent of the spacecraft and landing during a complex series of maneuvers that NASA described as “the seven-minute panic” is the most elaborate and challenging feat in the history of robotic spacecraft.

Mission managers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory near Los Angeles played applause with a roar of applause and radio signals confirmed that the six-wheeled rover had survived its dangerous descent and the site of a long-disappeared Martian lake bed at the jazero The crater has its target area inside.

NASA scientists described the Persistence as the most ambitious for nearly 20 US missions to Mars, back on the 1965 fly-by of the Mercene spacecraft. The mission was launched to find traces of ancient microbial life on Mars.

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