Fears of power supply disruption completely wrong: Coal Ministry


New Delhi: The Coal Ministry on Sunday assured that enough dry-fuel is available to meet the demand for power generation plants in the country and asserted that any fear of disruption in power supply is “totally misplaced”.

The statement comes in the wake of reports that warned of a massive power crisis due to shortage of coal in the country.

“Ministry of Coal assures that sufficient coal is available in the country to meet the demand of power plants. Any fear of disruption in power supply is completely misplaced,” the ministry said in a release.

Coal Minister Pralhad Joshi tweeted: “Reviewed the coal production and supply situation in the country. Assured everyone that there is no risk of disruption in power supply. 43 Million equivalent to 24 days coal demand with @CoalIndiaHQ Tons of coal stock is sufficient.”

The coal ministry said the coal stock at power plants end is around 72 lakh tonnes, which is enough for four days requirement, and Coal India Limited (CIL) end is over 400 lakh tonnes, which needs to be supplied to power plants. Its being done.

Domestic coal-fired power generation has grown by around 24 per cent this year (till September) on the back of strong supply from coal companies.

The average daily requirement of coal in power plants is around 18.5 lakh tonnes per day while the daily coal supply is around 17.5 lakh tonnes per day.

“The dispatch was disrupted due to the extended monsoon. The coal available at power plants is a rolling stock which is replenished by supplies from coal companies on a daily basis. Hence, there is any fear of depleting coal stocks at the end of the power plant Wrong,” it said.

In fact, domestic coal supply this year has replaced imports by a significant measure.

“Despite heavy rains in coal sector areas, CIL has supplied over 255 metric tonnes (million tonnes) of coal to the power sector this year which is the highest ever H-1 supply from CIL to the power sector.”

Out of the total coal supply from all sources, the current coal supply from CIL to the power sector is more than 14 lakh tonnes per day and with the declining rainfall, this supply has already increased to 15 lakh tonnes and is expected to increase to over 16 lakh tonnes per day. is likely to. lakh tonnes per day by the end of this month.

Supply from SCCL and captive coal blocks will contribute over 3 lakh tonnes of coal per day.

Domestic coal supply has largely supported power generation despite a huge increase in power demand due to heavy monsoon, low coal imports and economic recovery.

Coal supply is expected to be at record levels in the current financial year.

Due to higher international coal prices, electricity supply by import-based power plants even under power purchase agreements (PPAs) has decreased by about 30 per cent, while domestic electricity supply has increased by about 24 per cent. Year.

The imported coal-fired power plants have generated about 25.6 BU against a schedule of 45.7 BU.

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