‘Fighter’ director Siddharth Anand feels Hrithik Roshan has a ‘hidden filmmaker’

Mumbai: Director Siddharth Anand talks about working with actor Hrithik Roshan and what he likes best.

During the IFFI 2021 interaction, Sidharth said: “He (Hrithik) is an absolute hero. Really nothing more a director can ask for from an actor that Hrithik can’t give you. I think you really need a challenge.” Bring yourself and on the sets every hour or so again and again so that you can use their potential.”

“Which I think none of us have been able to do yet and that’s a challenge for all of us.”

He continued: “It is really exciting and inspiring to be with him and in one of my earlier interviews I have said that I always aspired to be a filmmaker with whom Hrithik Roshan would do a film, that I would only work with him. Or even just tossed my ideas through them and got their feedback.”

“Because there’s a hidden filmmaker in him that isn’t many actors, and he sees the broader perspective of the film, so it’s a pleasure when you do a 2-hero film with him because he’s not himself at all. Seeing is the strengthening around him that will directly lift the film.”

Sidharth feels Hrithik puts himself last, which he feels is “a great pleasure to work with someone who is”.

Hrithik Roshan on working with Siddharth again ‘fighter’, he added: “Yeah it’s extremely exciting and more so, because I feel like being back on a set where Sid (Siddharth Anand) has done me a certain good in combat is what drives me to know that The concern that this is building up is because good has already been done, it needs to get better.

He continued: “Personally, I think it’s my responsibility, because I don’t want to disappoint my director, who has believed in me to cast me in a film like this and it’s even more scary because It’s so hard to impress her now. Because I’d do everything I could but what else am I going to take out of my pocket, it’s something I’m going to spend a few nights thinking about.”

Touted as India’s first aerial action franchise, Fighter will see Hrithik collaborating with the actress. Deepika Padukone On screen for the first time.

By Naveen Bharat Staff


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